10 Best Foods for Women31 Mar

According to a recent article at (one of my fave quick resources for nutrition info), beans, soy, and foods with Omega-3 fatty acids are among the top 10 best foods for women.

Of course, at Kay’s Naturals we already know this – thus, our snack and cereal foods are all very rich in soy protein and other natural ingredients. My current go-to item is Cookie Bites – just released in 2010, packed with energy-boosting, lean muscle-building protein (as much protein as 2.5 eggs in each serving), AND THEY SATISFY MY SWEET TOOTH! Stevia is the secret ingredient here – an all-natural, herbal sweetener that genuinely satisfies my sweet tooth but doesn’t add calories or make me worry about side effects (unlike many other sugar substitutes).

To check out the new Cookie Bites, click on the box!:


Click here to see the rest of the eDiets’s 10 Best Foods for Women,

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