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10 Best Butt Exercises27 Jan

This handy article from starts, “Are boring old squats and lunges the extent of your butt workout? Do you even have an organized plan to attack your drooping bottom line? While there’s nothing wrong with squats and lunges, you could be getting a lot more bang for your butt by using a more effective set of exercises.”

Click here to read more.

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Can Lack of Sleep Affect Weight Loss?22 Jan

Did you know that chronic lack of sleep has been linked to obesity and hormone imbalance? And even if you’re not struggling with those issues, sleep deprivation can still stop you from meeting your training and fitness goals.

Read more in this new eDiets article.

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6 Foods for Flat Abs18 Jan

First and foremost, of course, there are Kay’s Naturals’ snacks and cereals. There is nothing else out there like our unique combination of high protein, low carbs, and gourmet crunchy flavors like Lemon Herb, Jalapeno Honey Mustard, and Cinnamon Toast.

You want to know five more foods that will pump up your drive for flat abs? Click here for a great little article from It begins, “There is more to getting great abs than just exercise. Find out which foods will help you get great abs…”

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Why do we overeat? And how to stop.13 Jan

Here’s a brand-new podcast from, a dietician-run website that I’ve found useful.

The podcast’s description: If you are like most people, the month of January finds you dreading the tighter fitting clothes and regretting all the excess calories you ate during the holidays. Dr. David Kessler, former FDA Commissioner shares some interesting results of his research into how we seem to eat more and more and what we can do to take charge of our health.

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Boot Camp Fitness Programs12 Jan

Ever wondered what to expect from a boot camp fitness programs? Click here for a helpful little write-up from Shape magazine online.

It begins:

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You input 30 minutes onto the treadmill timer, but hop off after 20 (hey, you broke a sweat, right?). Then you complete two sets of curls instead of three. And those lunge exercises? Well, they can wait until tomorrow. The point is, even with a set workout schedule, it’s easy to cut corners—especially if you’re going it alone.

Enter the boot camp workout, designed to get in you in shape with rigorous workouts you can’t quit on…

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Get ready for ski season!04 Jan

In honor of our heroic webmaster (who is skiing in Montana with his sweetie as I post this), check out this ever-practical, every-useful article-let from Great training tips to build strength, avoid injuries, and get the most out of those pricey lift passes 🙂

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Bust a move over lunch break02 Jan

Need more energy in the afternoon? Want to burn more calories, build more muscle, and feel better throughout your day? Then check out this new article from And tell me what you think!

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Wowza! New fitness calculator28 Dec

As you may have gathered, I love all things that help me count and measure my fitness work. This recent article from does just that — it shows the number of calories burned in a number of typical workout routines. Woo hoo, thanks!

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1-2-3s of Tempo Training18 Dec

In this new article from Experience Life magazine (the magazine of Lifetime Fitness gyms), Andrew Heffernan tells us how tempo training–“deliberately controlling the cadence of each phase of a strength-training exercise”–can help us reach our specific fitness goals. Thanks, Experience Life!

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Best short workouts from bodybuilding.com14 Dec

I can’t wait to adapt some of these workout routines for my own gym routine. This webpage caught my eye because 9 times out of 10, the 90 minutes I want to spend in the gym is cut short because I need to pick up my little kiddos, do an errand, etc. It’s the daily mama marathon I’m sure many of you are familiar with!


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